Katelyn and her family have been members of the Lincoln Family YMCA for the past five months now and throughout those five months, they have made sure to utilize the perks of being a YMCA member. Katelyn’s daughter, Aurora has already completed a Fall Sports season in basketball and her other daughter Azalia is one of our most frequent attendees at the Amazing Kids Center.

As we spoke with Katelyn and inquired on feedback for our facility, it was described as “a great family oriented gym with endless amenities including an outstanding childcare facility”. Katelyn’s day to day at the YMCA includes bringing her youngest Azalia to the Amazing Kids Center so she can play, while she starts her workout regimen with her husband Marcelo. When Katelyn comes to the YMCA she sees a sense of community. From the familiar faces smiling back day after day to the Sports Director and even Executive Director knowing her and her family on a first name basis, it creates a feeling of home to them.

The YMCA has helped Katelyn in continuing her healthy living lifestyle and the Amazing Kids Center has allowed Katelyn and Marcelo grow together as they are able to achieve their fitness goals together and grow stronger as a couple.

In ending our conversation with Katelyn, she wanted to share some words of advice, “know your options”. In obtaining their YMCA membership, Katelyn and her family have been very open to trying out programs and exploring the facility as a whole to learn all their benefits as a YMCA member.