Before joining the Lincoln Family YMCA though, Kevin started his Y journey in Wisconsin when he was a child. Kevin grew up in a YMCA family where his grandmother was the Vice President of Human Resources at their local Wisconsin YMCA. Other than being there because he saw some familiar faces, Kevin went to the YMCA as a young boy to meet friends and learn more about a healthy living lifestyle. Kevin has had experiences in YMCA programs.

Kevin’s first opportunity to be a leader was in the Leader In Training (LIT) program at Camp Matawa in Wisconsin. As a teen, Kevin would also take part in teen nights and recalls that his teen years in the YMCA were some of his favorite. The LIT program gave Kevin the tools he needed to start his leadership path and give him an opportunity to have informed career choices in his future.

What is Kevin’s path in the YMCA today?

Kevin is a frequent user of the Lincoln Family YMCA, almost daily as a matter of fact.

He has become a distinguishable face and personality that most of our membership concierges don’t even need to see his membership card, they already know who he is and are able to check him in before he makes it to the Welcome Center to be greeted.

Kevin spends most of his time playing basketball and practicing his dunking with his brother and other members. We rarely see him without a basketball in his hand. In his spare time, Kevin may be seen performing stunts on a trampoline and putting on half time shows where they demonstrate the ability to do some acrobatic stunts while playing basketball.

Kevin has made a lot of friends from the YMCA staff as well as other members. One of his favorite things about the Y is that there is always something to do and the people are nice. The YMCA has been a part of Kevin’s life for a long time and has helped him grow into the person he is today.