He lives in the Downtown Phoenix area and is working for CenturyLink SLED Group. He enjoys DIY projects, cooking, working out at the YMCA and traveling in his spare time. The Y has made an impact on his life and continues to come to the Y. He shares his passion to stay in shape with some friends that he has made in the early mornings and is now a member of the Lincoln Family Downtown YMCA.

Here is Omar’s story: I been a member off and on since late 1990’s. I first started because it was close to my office and had much of the equipment I was looking for. After around a year or so I decided to take my first step class to put some cardio into my routine. During one of these classes, the instructor asked in if I can help with one of the classes and that drew me to become a certified aerobics instructor and a personal trainer. I started teaching classes at the Y for about 6 months then transferred to U-Haul to teach aerobics classes for their employees.

This is just one of many stories I have because of being a member of the downtown Lincoln Y. Now being a board member I hope to help people generate more great stories of them taking a risk and finding an opportunity that will help them grow personally.