Locke came to the Y with a bad hip and was looking for something to do that would help her exercise through the challenge she having. Pam was able to look at all the options and was recommended to take the water fitness class. Pam has loved it since day one! This is one decision Pam did not regret and she was thrilled that she had come to the Y.

Throughout her challenges, Pam was seeing a dietician, exercise coach and nurse practitioner and they kept track of her progress as she continued to go to the Y daily. Pam started to attend six days a week and is going on week 23. Pam also underwent bariatric surgery, reducing the size of her stomach. She felt after going through the surgery in August that she was able to recover faster through her water fitness exercises.

Pam’s experience at the Y has been phenomenal. She has made new friends and she loves the circle of friends she has come to know through the water fitness classes. The women in the water fitness class are so friendly and embrace all. Fun is component of the class—there is not just exercise happening in the water but a lot of visiting with each other. Pam has made it an effort to come every day. Participants noticed when she missed one class and they called her, which made Pam feel special.  She says, “It’s like my second family! I love it!” Pam enjoys the high-intensity workout and explains that there is a sense of family bonding in her class. She enjoys the recognition of birthdays, and the participants will often go out to celebrate each other’s birthday months. They also stay in contact with instructors who used to teach classes at the Y and meet for breakfast bonding.

Before Pam started her journey to a healthy lifestyle, she had weighed over 300 pounds. Pam was also a smoker and decided to not only lose weight but to stop smoking. She was told that she had 3 years left of her life span which is why she decided to come to the Y. Pam had asthma, Type 2 diabetes, weak walking, and a weak hip, but this has all gone away!  “This was all weight-related,” Pam says. Pam radiates while sharing her Y story!