His father used to play basketball in the YMCA’s Men’s basketball league which was when he and his brother were introduced to the Y. They would play racquetball, run along the outdoor track, and play basketball as well in the mini basketball court that use to be located here. To Riccio, since he has been playing sports his entire life, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is necessary and the Y has helped him prepare himself for physical activities on the field along with the ability to be physically fit for his duties as a Phoenix firefighter. He enjoys lifting weights and doing cardio exercises in which helps him build up more muscle strength to keep up and be able to complete tasks that can provide safety for the community along with making sure his firefighting team is safe.

The Y has played a huge role in Riccio’s life and the physical aspect of it is what he enjoys most.”

Working out at the Lincoln Family Downtown YMCA has also helped him train for the Phoenix Firefighter position  Riccio is often seen at the Y in the evenings, he is dedicated to his workout and is popular with the staff. Riccio and his brothers growing up also played a lot of baseball!  He attended Brophy Preparatory High School and continued his athletics when he studied college at ASU.  He graduated ASU with a Business Degree.  Ricco is a fan of the Y and if you asked him why the Y, he would say it is because he has been a part of it since he was a kid.  One of our evening staff, Gina would describe Ricco as a friendly, hardworking, determined athlete and member.