He has become a very important part of our Lincoln Downtown Family as we have also become an important part of his family. Roy has four children,  that he brings in daily to participate in our Amazing Kids Center, Summer Day Camp, and even our new Leaders in Training program. Living a healthy lifestyle and exercising daily is something Roy is very passionate about and the YMCA has become a part of his daily routine.   Roy has always been a positive individual even though he had many struggles on a personal level.  He has always been able to find the strength of overcoming his challenges through the Lincoln Family Downtown YMCA.  He has valued his membership with the Y and wants to thank the staff and his Y community for the support he has received.

Roy can be found working out either in the Basement Fitness Center or simply enjoying the Downtown events.  He speaks highly of the programs and the Y family he has met by becoming a Y member.

While entering two Natural Body Building competitions, Roy used the Y as a Training center in which time he was able to really push himself and surround himself with positive and encouraging people that our small community provides. In the past two years, Roy has met some amazing people and even some of his closest friends. He will continue to thrive, push himself in our positive environment, and take advantage of all the resources the Y