She started at the age of four at the Legacy Foundation Chris-Town YMCA in Youth Sports. She had participated in soccer and tee ball from age’s four to seven and even had the pleasure of having her mom, Aimee as the coach of the tee ball team. Sarah is the true definition of a Y kid, growing up in the YMCA for the past twelve years through an assortment of programs. At age five, Sarah had started summer camp and while she attended camp for the next two years she had experienced her first interactions with other youth that were not her siblings. The Y had taught Sarah social skills and while she attended camp she had taken up swimming lessons and found the pool at the Y as her favorite location.

As Sarah grew up throughout the years and started attending high school, she became reconnected to the YMCA in a different way through our Youth and Government at the Lincoln Family YMCA.

Sarah found Youth and Government through a friend referral in her freshman year of high school and now as a junior, she has three years of the program under her belt. The component of Youth and Government that sold Sarah was the CONA conference where the participants are able to compete on a national level and create proposals to share with their peers. In the year of 2018, Sarah had held the position of Speaker of the House at the Model Legislature conference and was elected that same year as the Youth Governor for the 2019 Model Legislature conference.

The year 2019 is going to be a big year for Sarah as she starts with our Judicial Conference as a Defense attorney and at the same time she is attending CONA training in order to prepare her proposal for July. Once CONA is over she will start on preparing herself to take on the role as Youth Governor in December and become the deciding factor if the other participants’ bills will pass. Through our youth and teen programming, we are proud to know that Sarah has been able to grow and benefit from the YMCA.