She has since had twins, daughter Everly and son Thomas, who has joined our Y family.

Haarman has consistently visited Monday through Saturday with her family.

She uses the Lincoln Family Downtown YMCA as an outlet for her workout while her children have a safe place to play.

“It’s their second home!” she says. “The staff is great, and the twins are growing up there. The Y has also really helped me to be a better mom by giving me a break from the kids while I work out, have coffee and get a little time to myself.”

Earlier this year, Haarman’s mother was diagnosed with cancer. It was a tremendous heartbreak for the family. Haarman was able to help her mother through chemo and still manage to come in with her children on a daily basis to stay focused on her fitness goals. The Y became a safe haven for Haarman and her family to help them through troubling times.

“We love the Y for their family aspect, and I feel so welcomed there as a single mom with my kids,” she says.
Here at Lincoln, we like to allow families a space to come together and strengthen their relationships. All of Haarman’s children learned to walk in our very own Amazing Kids Childcare, and she is working on getting her twins potty trained so they can join their sister at the Y while their mom takes advantage of Parent’s Night Out.

Strong relationships are a cornerstone of achieving health and well-being through the Y, and it is families like the Haarmans we are here to serve. At the Lincoln Family Downtown YMCA, we are proud to help Sheryl Haarman and her children learn, grow and thrive.