Amy Klein along with several participants, made a huge impact in our community against the war on breast cancer! The special event “Barbells, Burpees & Boobs” was a huge success that raised over $1,500 for our local breast cancer organization. Donations are still being accepted through November 2nd, at the following link:

Special t-shirts were made for a donation of $120 donated online.

Thank you to all of our participants:April Lewallen
Mike Garver
David Fraser
Shirley Stremble
Heather Roberts
Robin Hansen
Jason O’neil
Felix Salamon
Sharon Salamon
Shannon Gleave
Heike Hilker
Kevin Maschue
Jennifer Himel
Leezie Kin
Marty Cutler
Eisha Eisenbery
WIlma Dengavi

Barbells Burpees Boobs