Corina is the mother of two, Danica, 6 years old and Ashton, 5 years old. Danica and Ashton’s first experience with the Y was coming to Amazing Kids and playing while their grandparents exercised. “They liked it there”, said Corina.

Corina is a single parent who works full-time. During the summer when the kids are out of school, she wanted them to be in a program that kept them moving and active. “I have very active kids. They need something to keep them going. A lot of kids spend their summer sitting and playing video games. I wanted something different.” Corina noted that “some days, Danica and Ashton would  be so exhausted from all the physical activity they did at Y camp that they would fall asleep in the car on the way home!”

Danica and Ashton had many exciting, active adventures at camp. “They loved the rock wall and field trips. They got to do things they had never done before like roller skating and ice skating. These are things I wouldn’t have time to do in the summer because of work.”

In Y Summer Camp, “Danica and Ashton met a ton of new friends. They had the opportunity to interact and meet kids from different grades. This opportunity doesn’t happen at school where the kids are grouped with the same ages.”

Danica and Ashton started in a new school this year. Starting a new school can illicit feelings of uncertainty and fear but as Corina walked them through the hallway she was reassured when she heard them say, “My friend! My friend! I know them from summer camp!” Knowing friends from Y camp gave the family confidence in a new situation.

On the first day of school, Corina was “worried about them getting on the right bus to come to the Y after school, but a 4th grade girl that they knew from camp helped them.” She is thankful for all of the friends they made at camp.

When asked how Y Summer Camp helped Corina as a mother she said, “Camp gave me piece of mind. I am really picky about their care. In fact I drive the extra distance to have them in the Y program where I know they are well cared for and being active and experiencing new things.”

Corina appreciates the fact that the Y has a financial assistance program. “As a single-parent with one income, it can be hard. I usually do not qualify for assistance based on income alone. The Y looked at other factors and still provided some help. That means a lot.”