Y Member Spotlight: Barbara Benavidez

She brings humor and loads of energy anywhere she goes. Barbara has been involved with the Tempe Family YMCA for over 20 years. When she’s at the Y, she is in the pool taking Water Aerobics and walking laps or taking the Jumpstart circuit class with her friends. She enjoys interacting with our staff and has created friendships over the years with them. The lifeguards love Barbara!

The Y has supported Barbara to stay healthy and reach her fitness goals. She has lost weight, improved her balance and increased her flexibility. The pool helps by decreasing the impact of exercise on the joints.

Barbara Benavidez at the pool

When the pool changed from a year-round pool to seasonal one, her community was shaken up. Many of her former water aerobics colleagues left after the change and she herself took a break. Barbara Benavidez said she missed the Tempe YMCA community and eventually found herself back home: “As soon as I walked back through the doors, I felt at home again. This is MY Y!” Some of Barbara Benavidez’s closest friends are the Water Aerobics ladies and Melony from the Welcome Center. Barb is a wonderful addition to the Tempe Family YMCA and truly embodies what the Y’s community is all about.

We are happy to announce that our pool will be staying open until November 2nd this year! So far in 2019, we have taught over 160 Safety Around Water swim lessons; served 120 members and non-members with swim lessons; and coached 20 swimmers on the Tempe Typhoon Swim Team who also competed in 6 swim meets, including the Summer Season Championship. Most importantly, we had a TON of fun while achieving a SAFE summer.

Come check out Tempe’s pool and join Barbara Benavidezfor our weekly Water Aerobics classes! We love you Barb. Thank you for being a part of the family.

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