The YMCA is excited to announce some accomplishments in regards to our Martial Arts Taekwondo program. Master Sergio Camacho, who has been training martial arts since 1975, chose and led four children to two different tournaments this past November. These children were amongst the first students to come from a YMCA Taekwondo program and first to go into a competition of any sort.

Greenway High School was host to the local tournament called Phoenix Open on November 8th, 2014, which involved schools from all over Arizona.  Three of the four students attending this competition were ten year old Desire Mendoza and Aniyah Perez and eight year old Luis Ibarra. The competitor camp was a four-month, four-day-a-week training process of strength, conditioning and technique. The hard work and dedication these brave souls have bared brought them top marks. Aniyah Perez won 1st Place in Sparring. Desire Mendoza and Luis Ibarra both achieved 3rd, also in Sparring.
Dominick Reyes

Nine year old Dominick Reyes was eligible to attend the International Taekwondo Alliance Championships held at the Rivera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 15th, 2014.  He, like the rest, trained to the best of his ability.  For the many competitors traveling to the out-of-state tournament, extra days of training on Saturdays were in order.  His hard work took him across the state and into another earning him 1st in Sparring and 3rd in Forms.  A congratulatory handshake to all competitors and students alike.

Congratulations and appreciation is in order for Master Camacho and his special nerve of inspiring and uplifting these wonderful young persons. Before tournaments, he gathers his students and assures them, “Win or lose, in the end of the competition you will come out 1% better than before you went in.”

As their Instructor, Master Camacho makes it his routine to empower these children when in positions of competing. His inspiring words ring true session after session.

“Hard work pays off in the end. Nothing beats putting in hours of training for a tournament, because the reward isn’t a medal or trophy, but the experience you get from giving it your all,” Camacho said.

One last congratulations to Aniyah, Desire, Dominick and Luis, from everyone here at the Maryvale YMCA.

By Joseph Lewis