Since day one, she has loved coming to the Y. She comes five days a week and often twice in one day.

When asked what she likes most, she was hard-pressed to come up with just one answer. She enjoys all of the group exercise classes, especially anything Zumba related. She loves the Amazing Kids Care center and the staff who work there. Most of all Lugo loves the welcoming environment and the people.

Lugo’s main language is Spanish, and she is learning English. She likes the fact that she can feel comfortable at the Y. When Lugo was in the last few months of her pregnancy and was not able to work out, she would come and hang out at the branch to see her friends and the staff.

She feels that this makes the Y truly special.

Lugo is a busy woman with four kids ranging from age 20 to her 7-month-old, Angela. Lugo’s two older children, Jesus and Michel, have participated in our Y-Achievers program. One of the aspects of this program is providing teens with workforce experience.

Lugo’s daughter Michel began as a WEX and now works as a Welcome Center staff member at the Maryvale YMCA and is an outstanding employee. Michel is also a participant in our Youth and Government program. She will be presenting a bill at the state conference at the State Capitol in December.

Lugo is fully supportive of this program and is grateful for the scholarship that enables Michel to attend. She has seen Michel’s confidence increase since participating in all of the Y’s program.

One of the reasons Lugo loves coming to the YMCA is because of the safety she feels when she drops off her kids in our Amazing Kids Care. Lugo says she feels very comfortable dropping 7-month-old Angela into our AKC while she does her Zumba class. Lugo also enjoys our monthly potlucks; she participates every chance she gets.

When she first joined, her family benefited from a scholarship funded through our Annual Support Campaign. She appreciated this very much and has taught her family the importance of giving back to the community. For the Lugo family, the Watts Family Maryvale YMCA is truly a family affair.