Patricia has been a staple at the Watts Family Maryvale YMCA since we opened our doors in April 2008.  Prior to coming to Watts Family Maryvale YMCA she was a member of the South West Valley YMCA.  Patricia has been physically active for most her life.  While in Junior High School she began gymnastics.  Her gymnastics career was short lived when she was thrown off a horse and was unable to do some of the intense gymnastics moves.  From there she began walking and using the treadmill and her love of fitness grew from there.    She began taking group fitness classes in high school in the White Mountains of Arizona where her neighbor owned a gym.  She was rocking her Jane Fonda headband and leg warmers while taking high impact aerobics.   As fitness evolved and trends changed Patricia continued to change with them.   The main reason Patricia decided to join the YMCA as opposed to the other fitness options was due to the Y’s family focus and core values.     She began taking Latin Rhythm classes at the Y and shortly after she became a volunteer group fitness instructor.  From there she went on to become Zumba certified and then became Zumba Strong and Zumba Step.   An injury forced Patricia to give up teaching for a while.  He doctor recommended Yoga and as will all other things Patricia threw herself into it.   She developed a love of Yoga and of course became Yoga certified and began teaching that a Y as well.   Patricia used to be substitute teacher in the Cartwright district and although she has a healthy respect for those who are children she decided this was not for her.  She enjoys teaching adults and for a while has wanted to start teaching our older Adults in Silver Sneakers and is taking the steps to become Silver Sneakers Certified.   When asked why she wanted to take this on she joked that eventually we will all be older.   It is amazing to watch Patricia interact with everyone at the Y. Her passion is incredible and we are lucky to have her.