Before coaching at the Maryvale YMCA, he had over 30 years of coaching experience back in his home state of New York. His strong New York roots have stuck with him after all these years and he still recalls the lessons he learned from his coaches growing up. These coaches instilled so many values in him as a young man and he is thankful for their impact on him. One coach in particular who made a lasting impression on him was Mr. F. Mr. F was vital in his decision to become a youth basketball coach. Mr. F believed in Renny when a lot of others did not. The only thing Mr. F asked for in return was for a young Renny to pay it forward to the next generation when that time came. Renny has done that about numerous times over.

Coach Renny started by becoming a mentor for youth when he was a college student. Year after year, his passion grew stronger and the more and more he coached the more he fell in love with it.

Renny moved down to Phoenix a few years ago and saw the Watts Family Maryvale YMCA as an opportunity to continue his passion of coaching and mentoring underprivileged youth throughout his retirement.

His goal is to “See it all the way through with his kids he coaches and be a part of their growth them from the beginning.” He loves the journey of the basketball development and enjoys watching the kids grow and accomplish so much more than they thought they could when he first met them.

To Renny, the most rewarding part of being a coach here is watching the kids improve on and off the court. He takes kids who start without any basketball experience under his wing and fosters these youth to not only become fundamentally sound at basketball but to become great kids overall with a positive attitude on life. He says this development makes him feel like a proud parent who is watching their kid grow up.

Renny continues to come back season after season to see these kids grow as athletes but most importantly as people. Coach has thrived in the role of the underdog, but he will not hold that title much longer as his kids continue to grow and his team continues to improve. Although he grew up in New York Renny is a rabid Dallas Cowboys fan and hopes by the time this newsletter is sent out that they will be Super Bowl Champions. Even if this does not happen Renny will continue to be a champion for the kids.