She joined as a Family along with her daughter and grandchildren. Her initial motivation for coming to the Y was to take time for herself as she has 17 grandkids who keep her very busy. She has been working her entire life and decided to slow down and do what was best for her.

She began taking Yoga at the Y then soon continued to be a regular of the Silver Sneakers classes at the Y.

Whenever she misses those classes she makes sure she is able to walk on the treadmill for at least 30 minutes. Before coming to the Y, Teresa struggled with knee pain now she says she is stronger and feels a lot better. Teresa enjoys the Y due to the family atmosphere and is grateful to the staff for always having a smile on their face. She feels she is part of a family – evens brings our welcome center staff some of her famous burritos! She also states that her daughter and grandkids also take advantages of the YMCA services. Her daughters also enjoy our classes and her twin grandchildren have fun in AKC. She says they are a handful – but the always have a good time at the Y.

Teresa is a regular at our member potlucks and believes this is a great time to get to know others. Teresa at 62 years young, is always ready to take on new ventures and credits the Y for helping her relieve outside stress so she can focus on what really is important to her. She actually wants to begin a new business venture and can’t wait to invite everyone at the Y. Teresa is also grateful to the Maryvale Y for helping her keep her membership when times were tough – she is on a scholarship and is appreciative for the help. She says – she can’t wait to be in a position to give back!