Y Member Spotlight: Julie Anchondo

They joined the YMCA shortly after the Northwest Valley YMCA opened its doors and have been members ever since. Julie says she has seen many changes since the doors opened and she is really happy with how the Y is being run and the direction it is currently headed. Julie felt that the Northwest Valley community was the perfect place to add a YMCA to serve El Mirage, Surprise and surrounding communities. The whole family uses the YMCA and that is one of the things Julie and her family love about the Y. They have participated in swim lessons, swim team, cheer team and the itty bitty sports program. Julie has also take part in fitness challenges such as Beat the Heat, and our Holiday Hustle fitness challenges, she says these are fun and motivating and keep you working out. Fitness is Julie’s favorite aspect of the YMCA. She enjoys the variety in options that the Y offers. She may come in on some days and enjoy her own music while attaching a sky scrapper on the stair mill or working out on weight machines or enjoying a walk on the treadmill. If she is feeling like she might want a group environment, Julie can and has enjoyed classes from Strength Train Together, Balance and Flex Together and of course Zumba. She enjoys being able to take kids to the Amazing Kids Center and looks forward to more activities being planned in that area. Julie says the friendly staff are a great part of coming to the Y and she can tell that they actually care about the members and their opinions on everything from how clean the facility is, or maybe a piece of equipment needs a little more attention, either way the staff listen and respond. Overall, the Northwest YMCA is a huge part of her life and Julie plans on being a member for as long as she can see into the future.

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