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Y Member Spotlight: Chevin Noone

Member Spotlight: I have some friends that worked at the YMCA and they thought I should apply at the YMCA. I applied at the YMCA in Glendale and got hired.… Read More

Y Member Spotlight: The Aro Family

Northwest Member Spotlight

When we arrived in El Mirage several years ago, Cindy was searching for activities we could accomplish as a family, looking to enhance our spiritual health. Although, we knew keeping our family fit was a high priority if we were to continue using our God given abilities. … Read More

Y Member Spotlight: Patrick Larrabee

Northwestvalley Member Spotlight

Patrick Larrabee is an advisory board member here at the Northwest Valley Family YMCA, but that’s not where his Y story started. … Read More

Y Member Spotlight: Donna Policarpo

Donna Member Spotlight

My husband had recently deployed to Afghanistan, and I moved back to Arizona to be around family. My sister got me to join the Southwest Valley YMCA so we could be workout buddies.… Read More