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“Thank you to the YMCA for helping me create priceless memories”

Thank you Northwest Valley Family YMCA staff for making my daughter and I feel secure in a fun environment… Read More

Friendship is good for your HEART .. Literally

Kids Web Size

Find out how to have a healthy heart and how friendships can play a vital role. … Read More

Valley YMCA Instructor Saves Child’s Life with CPR

Valley of the Sun YMCA | Instructor Saves Boy

While on vacation in Idaho, a Valley of the Sun YMCA instructor saved a young boy’s life. The boy… Read More

Keep the Kids Entertained at the YMCA

Itty Bitty Winter Camp at the Ross Farnsworth Y! | Valley of the Sun YMCA

The Valley of the Sun YMCA is more than a gym, we’re a cause. We bring youth development programs, healthy… Read More

Science. Technology. Engineering. Math. SLAM!

Science. Technology. Engineering. Math. SLAM/ youth program/ northwest valley

Science. Technology. Engineering. Math. SLAM! … Read More

Itty Bitty Tumble

itty bitty tumble/northwest valley/ new program

The perfect gymnastic class for little ones (ages 3-5)… Read More

Kid power- youth program


Through fun, high-energy games and activities, kids will set their own personal goals, make new friends and learn about how putting play in your day and eating right can make you feel great!… Read More

Itty Bitty Ballet


Our newest program, Tiny Tots Ballet (ages3-5)… Read More

Discovery Hour

Fitness | Youth Development | Northwest Valley Family YMCA | Valley of the Sun

If you’ve ever wondered about what it takes to be a group fitness instructor, now’s your chance to find out!… Read More