While on vacation in Idaho, a Valley of the Sun YMCA instructor saved a young boy’s life. The boy, who nearly drowned in a lake, was rescued by Alicia Galbreath. The YMCA requires all of our instructors to be CPR certified within one year of being employed, and that training came in handy.

The YMCA staff members receive trainings in child abuse prevention, disease transmission prevention, and customer service. Our lifeguards hold current certifications in American Red Cross Lifeguarding, First Aid, and Professional Rescuer CPR / AED. Our instructors may hold the same certifications as our lifeguards, as well as other job-related certifications. At least one lifeguard is on duty during pool operating hours.

“He pulled this little boy out of the lake, and I look over and see this lifeless little boy on the dock… I got there; he had no pulse, he’s blue, he’s not breathing or responsive, so the first thing I do is CPR.”

Alicia Galbreath
Zumba Instructor, Valley of the Sun YMCA

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