His dad is a truck driver and his mom is a secretary at an elementary school. He has an older brother and an older sister. His sister was the first in their family to graduate from High School and she received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business at UCR and is currently working on her Masters. His brother went to trade school and became a plumber. Angel will be the second person in his family to graduate from High School.

Once he graduates he wants to go back to California and attend the University of San Diego and pursue a nursing degree. Angel likes to keep busy and stay productive when he’s not in school, which is how he ended up here at the YMCA.

He was looking for a local gym and came across our Y.

It was his first time ever being in a YMCA.  After coming to the Y gym for a few months he really began to see what the YMCA was all about and it made him want to be a part of something bigger. He asked how he could volunteer here and do something for his community.

He is now a volunteer bus rider for the after school program and works with the kids once they return to the Y. Angel says “I really enjoy hanging out with them, they brighten my day!” When he is not at school or here volunteering at the Y he boxes which he’s been doing for about 4 years now and he rides BMX and has been doing that for 3 years. Angel also plays the trombone in his HS marching band and takes an American Sign Language class. Angel says he wants to continue volunteering at the Y and maybe one day get a job here and work throughout High School and see where it takes him.