The different opportunities and options that came with my membership are what really helped make my decision to join. Having a young child, I needed a safe place for her as well. I needed a somewhere that I could trust leaving her and know that she would be taken care of. I also needed a place that I can distress and take care of myself.

After receiving my tour and seeing the facility, I knew that she would be comfortable in the child care area and have fun. The location was where I needed and having a safe place that I could bring my child was exactly what I needed.

I thoroughly enjoy going to the Y now that I am a member.

The staff is always so friendly and welcome me every time I come in. They are willing to listen to whatever I have to say and will offer advice when I am needing it. They offer encouragement when I am feeling out of my game, and help make sure that I am taking care of myself. My daughter loves coming and races through the door each time to go into childcare!

Now that she is getting a little older, we are able to participate in more programs. A couple of our favorites are the itty bitty sports where she learns the basics of each sport, like basketball, hockey, and soccer. Another program that we love is itty bitty ballet. She loves learning the different movements.

I am very grateful for having the Y in my life!! The amazing staff helps me stay motivated and helping me become a better self. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the Y does for myself and family!