Melissa is from Phoenix and we decided that we would like to live in Arizona once she graduated. Once she graduated we packed up and moved to Arizona and the adventure of life was just beginning.

When arriving in Arizona I thought it would be easy to get in the business of sports since they have plenty of professional teams. I worked with the Oklahoma City Thunder in Oklahoma and was hoping that would help me transition easily in Arizona. That was not the case at all. I struggled to find a job for my first six months in Arizona. I have some friends that worked at the Glendale/Peoria YMCA and they thought I should apply at the YMCA. I applied at the YMCA in Glendale and got hired on as a member concierge. Little did I know that if you work at the YMCA you are going to have a hand in everything they offer.

I ended up falling in love with everything the YMCA had to offer and loved getting to help with the sports program when I could.

Everyone knew that I loved sports and that I had a passion for it. The staff at Glendale helped mold me and helped me grow my short 2 months at that branch.

At the time I thought alright this will be a part-time job that will pass me by as I keep looking for a job in the sporting industry. That was not the case as Shelly saw my passion for sports and threw my name out there for the Northwest and Southwest Valley YMCA sports director job. It caught me off guard as I wasn’t expecting to move up in the YMCA. I was fortunate enough to get the Sports Director Job and continue to grow with the YMCA. I am so excited to start my new adventure at the Northwest Valley and Southwest Valley YMCA. We have a great staff at both locations. One thing I really love about the Southwest and Northwest Valley branches is that it kind of has a little Oklahoma feel to it. We have a beautiful community and everyone is nice and helpful. Moving forward I hope to bring great energy and build a great atmosphere for our parents and players when they come to our facility.