Darren and Liane Campbell became members, as so many people do at the beginning of the year in January, with resolutions in mind. They have been members at the Northwest Valley YMCA since January of 2018, and have no plans to stop being members for a long time. Since joining, the Campbells have been taking advantage of working out with a personal trainer since early February. They utilize the option of working out together, by taking advantage of utilizing a personal trainer through partner personal training option. They have been working out with Sarah, one of our Certified Personal Trainers. Darren has worked with other trainers in the past and is thrilled to have Sarah as his trainer now, “I had worked with other personal trainers before, Sarah not only is focused on keeping me safe, but I am getting stronger and more flexible.” Darren said. Sarah and the rest of our trainers also want you to enjoy each session, and are dedicated to keeping their clients safe and enjoying the workouts. They are always looking for new ways to help you meet your goals and make sure you won’t get bored by the same old workout every time you come to the YMCA. Liane has seen a lot of success in her workouts with Sarah, and finds one of the biggest benefits is being able to spend time with her husband during the workouts. Liane, when asked about her workouts with a trainer, had this to say about her sessions with Sarah; “Each time we meet with Sarah, she always has something new to show us. I love her positivity, she makes training fun! ”

Darren and Liane look forward to continuing their relationship with the YMCA and Sarah as they continue to reach their health and wellness goals.

They know that finding health is a journey and not a destination. The trick is that Sarah helps them enjoy the sometimes bumpy road. The commitment that their trainer exemplifies in her own life is just another motivating factor in their success plan. Sarah is a busy Mom with two kids of her own and still finds time to prepare healthy food for her and her whole family. Sarah also is sure to always get her own workouts in and lead by example. Darren and Liane look forward to many, many more great workouts with Sarah and suggest that you find time to work out with Sarah or another great trainer from the Y today.