She hated the thought of dropping them off to be placed in front of a TV screen and found herself wondering if there was anything else out there for her family. After the birth of her third child two years ago she found the Chris-Town YMCA and immediately found a sense of relief. The Amazing Kids Staff engaged with her children and always seemed to have an interactive activity ready. She felt a new sense of family as she continued her healthy habits by trying several group exercise classes and loved the family atmosphere that seemed to be missing in her previous gym.

Now you can find Nikki in several classes a week like Defend Together as she expresses her new commitment to a healthy lifestyle and becoming an example for children. By taking group fitness classes consistently she has not only become a role model for her children, but for other members as well. Weekly you can find Nikki recruiting others, whether in the fitness center or lobby, to attend group fitness with her and has helped them start their fitness journey.

Nikki has also gotten involved by volunteering her time as a soccer coach for the Y.

Her fun, energetic personality worked hand in hand with her tiny athletes as they learned more than just how to score a goal. She was an influential piece to these children learning the importance of teamwork and dedication. She even enrolled her children in programs like self-defense, swim lessons and soccer to continue building their healthy habits as a family. Nikki states “I would absolutely recommend the Y to someone looking for a comfortable and friendly environment, especially if they have children”.