When he was a 12-year old boy, he wanted to play basketball but needed new sneakers to do so. He asked a local pharmacy if they could sponsor a team of him and his friends, and it was there that he got his first taste of campaigning. The pharmacist sponsored his team if his son could play & so he did. Later on, he walked into the local YMCA and wanted to play basketball on one of their teams. He learned the value of teamwork and built friendships there. At the YMCA, he used to attend “luncheonettes” where he would hang out at the YMCA on a Saturday and they would eat lunch and just have fun. That’s where his experience with the YMCA started.

Patrick was recruited to work for the YMCA in Binghamton, NY in 1991 as the CFO at the Broome County location. He would take his then 8-week old daughter with the diaper bag in one hand and his briefcase in the other and go to work. When he needed a break from the grind of the daily work, he would play racquetball or go rock his daughter.

As he said, his passion for the YMCA truly began here, the YMCA raised his daughter.

She grew up in the YMCA, attending their daycare program, participating in sports programs and volunteering through her life.

As often happens in the life of a YMCA professional, Patrick was recruited by YUSA to develop software to help the YMCAs run better and more efficiently. He moved his family to Chicago. He spent a good amount of time working behind the scenes to figure out how certain software programs could benefit the YMCA and from there became a software consultant, introducing companies to the YMCA and building partnerships through that.

In 2017, Patrick moved to Arizona, always having the YMCA in the back of his mind. He met some of the local staff at a city event and vowed to come into the branch to check it out. Around the same time, he joined the Surprise Rotary Club and was connected to the leadership at the Northwest Valley Branch. Patrick joined the advisory board in October of 2018 and continues to be a mission-driven philanthropist and supporter of the YMCA. Patrick is passionate about the YMCA and the benefit it provides to the community. He wants to share the message with everyone around because by sharing his story and the message, he can facilitate the donations that provide opportunities for kids, teens, families, and others to participate in programs that grown and shape their character creating a brighter future.