Nurturing the Potential of Our Youth

The Y is for nurturing the potential of our youth. Childcare providers eagerly enter our facilities day in and day out to bring tips and program offerings that benefit the health and well-being of our youth so they can build a healthy mind, body, and spirit to realize their potential.

Believing in Our Youth

As Nelson Mandela said, the youth of today are our leaders of tomorrow. Youth need adults to pour into them and be their guiding light, encouraging positive experiences. Our goal as childcare providers is to make sure our youth know the power and strength inside of them. We are all capable and resilient, but it takes a community of people to validate and support those traits. Our Y community trains young minds to think and speak better for themselves, empowering them to believe in their potential. Your story makes you who you are, and we want to help our youth write their best story.

How to leave your impact

Childcare providers are just one piece of the community that empowers youth. You, too, can be a part of changing the trajectory of a child’s life and nurturing their potential.

  1. Become a volunteer. Whether you become a volunteer sports coach, a community advocate, or fundraise for your local Y, you are offering youth the support they need to find their full potential.
  2. Build a habit of speaking kindly to yourself. The better you get at talking kindly to yourself, the better you get at developing youth’s self-talk.
  3. Let them choose their own future. Success is built on passions and a child is more likely to find success if they are encouraged to explore many talents and hobbies.
  4. Keep a positive attitude. Thinking positively can encourage youth to build strong self-esteem, mood, and attitude.

Positive Programming

Through our initiatives, programs, and services we have helped nurture the potential and development of youth and teens, improved the health and well-being of their community and provided social and economic support to neighbors in need. Our employees build their passions and hobbies into their roles to do just that, showcasing how their knowledge will help develop youth into good societal human beings. Because of our staff, we have filled the needs of each community and created positive programs to nurture the potential of our youth.

  1. Muscle Up Program – This program was designed to get and keep kids active, have fun, and build confidence.
  2. Enrichment through STEM – Introducing science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in our camps, before and after school, and preschool programs give our youth hands-on learning with real-world applications.
  3. Amazing Kids Club – This program offers a safe environment for youth to develop healthy, trusting relationships, and build self-reliance while parents are working out.

Check out our website to learn more about our program offerings.

Today and every day, we believe in the power and strength our youth hold so they can lead the future.

Rebecca Varney, Community Relations Coordinator, Valley of the Sun YMCA, striving to tell your #WhyTheY story.

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