You wouldn’t leave home for a road trip without filling your car’s gas tank, and you certainly wouldn’t fill your high-performance car with regular gas. The same goes for your body and taking on your day. It’s important that you eat the right foods and drink the best beverages throughout the day, to ensure your engine receives the maximum benefits from exercise.

  • Mix carbs with protein: Carbohydrates, like pasta, provide the body with energy, and protein, like chicken is important for muscle building and repair. It’s essential to eat moderate amounts of both at mealtime. Low-fat meats and carbohydrates filled with whole grains are the best bet.
  • Calories still count: Just because you finished a long day at work or a heart-pumping session at the gym doesn’t give you a free pass to the all-you-can-eat buffet. To ensure you’re not eating more than you burned each day, be sure to sign-up for a SMART ASSESSMENT. A trainer will assess your calorie expenditure per day to keep you within your needed calorie consumption.
  • Timing matters: Having something in your stomach before exercising provides needed energy, but eating just before a workout could upset your stomach. Aim to eat a meal three-to-four hours before exercising and then a small snack a half-hour to 45-minutes before.
  • Remember the fluids: Most exercisers will lose about four cups of fluid per hour of exercise. Stay hydrated by taking in water before, during and after your workout. If you sweat a lot or the weather is humid, you may need a sports drink after your workout to replace lost electrolytes and minerals.