Whole Health Initiative


Born out of a partnership with the Maricopa County Department of Public Health, this county-wide initiative addresses health disparities related to access to patient care. The YMCA seeks to strengthen programs and services offered through organizational partnerships and collaborations.

Over 20 organizations are currently involved in the Initiative and range from social services, community health centers, health insurance providers, and educational organizations. Together, we seek to innovate and problem-solve for a healthier county. The Initiative meets quarterly to discuss policy, system, and environment gaps with the goal of addressing them in a collective manner.

The Initiative serves as a central body for coordinating and facilitating healthcare, wellness and physical fitness programs, and referrals throughout Maricopa County. The Y has 11 physical locations throughout the county, making us uniquely positioned to provide accessible health intervention programs, while coordinating a referral system that drives health outcomes for all. Looking ahead we strive to partner with payers to allow all individuals an opportunity to participate and lead healthier lives.


  • Physical Fitness
  • Behavior Health Services for teens/young adults
  • Increase of Social Determinants of Health
  • Access to Health – We seek to improve access to health programs for individuals ages 6+ by eliminating direct expense to the individual
    • Expanding the delivery model from center-based to community-based
    • Connecting partners for shared programs and services
    • Insurance coverage for wellness center membership
    • Insurance coverage for services (screenings, programs)
    • Test Community Health Worker model


  • Introduced dozens of formerly siloed community health organizations to one another, creating connections and enabling collaborations between organizations.
  • Identified three potential larger pilot opportunities: a referral network system, community health workers/promotors, and strategic coordination of mobile health units.
  • Currently piloting the referral network system, WELLD Health, an electronic wellness record and provider referral platform that enables insurance reimbursement for health and wellness, and will provide monthly reports back to task force members to inform and advise on the system’s efficacy to improve healthcare access and direct services.
  • Begun discussions on integrating state-certified community health workers into the YMCA and other organizations’ programs.
  • Created a Needs and Resources Assessment to identify needs and excess resources task force members have and to connect the dots with YMCA or other organization services.
  • Hired a Community Connections Coordinator to connect the YMCA to task force members through site visits, and outreach programs such as exercise, wellness, and healthcare classes.
  • Planning a community event Healthy Kids Day to bring together task force members and to introduce services to the community.
  • Educating all task force members on the services, resources, collaborations, and outcomes of each task force member.


  • Meetings are scheduled quarterly through 2025. Complete the form below for more information, we look forward to including you and your organization.

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