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Motivation and accountability are key components to achieving your personal fitness goals. With personalized instruction and training plans available for all skill levels, our certified personal trainers take a one-on-one approach and guide you with tips on proper form, and setting attainable goals, we will help you to eliminate unwanted setbacks by scheduling regular workout sessions with you.



Our certified personal trainers will show you how to design a suitable plan for your body and fits with your individual health and fitness goals. Working within any limitations or health issues you might have, our trainers will coach you in proper technique and injury avoidance; help you set reasonable milestones, and offer ways to overcome those pesky plateaus.

Group Training

Whether you want to work out with friends, or meet new people with specific goals in mind, group training places participants in smaller groups in a supportive environment that will help keep you on track! There are specialized team training programs focusing on a range of wellness goals and concentrations, such as cardio, strength, and athletic training.

Weight Loss Support

Our Weight Loss Support Program is designed to help people seeking a healthier weight achieve their goals by:

  • Making small, modest changes to their daily behaviors
  • Forming sustainable, healthy habits
  • Not subscribe to restrictive short-term solutions
  • Building skills for successful long-term lifestyle changes

Diabetes Prevention

Viva! Family Diabetes Prevention Program is a 12-week family-focused lifestyle intervention program that includes nutritional education, behavioral skills training, wellness, and the delivery of in-person physical activity at Valley YMCA locations.


  • Specifically for families with children* between ages 10-14
  • Successful Completion of 3 in-person workout sessions and 1 nutritional education session

*Youth participants should be moderately overweight and/or clinically obese.

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Transform your body and achieve your fitness goals like never before with the guidance and support of a personalized training program tailored specifically to your needs!

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