Stage 5: Stroke Development

Students in this stage work on stroke technique and learn all major competitive strokes. The emphasis on water safety continues through treading water and sidestroke. Students in this stage focus on the following:

  • Developing stamina in the front crawl and back crawl
  • Developing the breaststroke and butterfly
  • Building endurance techniques for deepwater safety

Stroke Development Skills:

  • Swim on Front: Front Crawl, Breaststroke, Butterfly
  • Swim on Back: Back Crawl
  • Water Safety: Dive, Resting Stroke, Sidestroke, Tread Water
  • Benchmark: Endurance

Swim Strokes Stages

Swim Strokes stages are designed to be taught in eight 40-minute lessons. This category also offers teens and adults of all abilities—those just learning to swim or those wanting to build on existing skills—the opportunity to receive instruction tailored to their specific needs.

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