WHAT IS IT? – A Results Driven Workout!

STRENGTH TRAIN TOGETHER maximizes your workout results within 60 minutes of
impactful strength training. You’ll get stronger while improving movement when you
combine traditional strength training with functional exercises using an adjustable barbell,
weights and body weight.


Strength Train Together combines traditional strength exercises and the hottest functional
training moves, utilizing a barbell, weight plates and your body weight to make you fitter
and stronger. High-rep training and athletic movements are key components of this
results-driven workout. Strength Train Together is developed with a periodized approach
to ensure you are constantly changing your workout and challenging your body. Ten tracks
are expertly programmed with specific workout objectives:

1. Warm-up – We grab the barbell with light weight and introduce many of the
exercises you’ll be doing over the next hour, warming the body and practicing the

2. Legs – Working the big muscles rest, we do squats and sometimes add in lunges to
get the heart rate going and ignite a re in the legs, creating great shape and definition.

3. Chest – We strengthen the chest with a variety of exercises, such as chest press,
chest y and push-ups. You’ll often and new twists on these exercises to maximize
your results!

4. Back & Legs – Full-body exercises like deadlifts, dead rows and the Power Clean &
Press really re up the back and the hamstrings and get the heart rate up! Plus, you’ll
learn innovative power movements, like dead squats, reverse flies and single-arm rows.

5. Triceps – Shape, build and define the back of the arms with triceps presses,
extensions, pullovers and kickbacks. Beware of the triceps push ups – they’ll push
you over the top!

6. Biceps – The best high-rep weight training combined with new and unique biceps
exercises. Experience the difference with variations on barbell curls using a wide grip
or offset grip, bicep rows or even plate work.

7. More legs – This is functional integrated training at its best. Stimulate your legs with
power lunges, crouches, lateral movements, balance challenges, offset loading and
even plyometrics! You’ll feel like a pro when you learn these moves!

8. Shoulders – A ton of exercises to give you great looking shoulders. Work the front,
top and back of the shoulders with upright rows, overhead presses, lateral raises and
rear delt extensions. Plus, groundbreaking, functional movements will make you feel
like an athlete in training!

9. Core – Concentrate on your core with exercises that train the front, back and sides of
you midsection. There’s always a new way to shake up the routine and ensure you
core is strong, solid and good-looking!

10. Stretch – You’ve earned it. Stretching out the muscles from head to toe helps
improve overall range of motion and muscular recovery

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