The Y’s Smart Start to Healthy Living

Smart Start Healthy Living, found only at the Valley of the Sun YMCA, was developed to provide a unique, new way to achieve fitness for everyday life and good health for a lifetime. A custom program will be built just for you, your lifestyle and your goals. Just give our Smart Start Concierge 15 minutes to explain our services, and we promise this combination of personal attention and new fitness tools (not just machines!) will get you in shape if you give it a chance. Live a better life-make a Smart Start!

Personal Fitness

We now have two levels of Personal Training- Small Group and One-On-One. Our professional, certified trainers will design a program just for you-making sure you have variety of exercise using new tools, time-efficiency, and most important-results! And we will find a time that fits your schedule so come on in and see what we can do for you.

One-on-One Personal Training

Because fitness needs vary from one individual to another, our YMCA offers individualized training. With years of experience and expert program design knowledge, a professional, certified trainer works closely with you every step of the way, documenting your progress through a program of variety, progression, and results. Session frequency and length are customized to your goals and busy schedule.

Small Group Personal Training

Small group personal training really keeps you motivated—and that is the secret to sticking with a program! Small group training allows the personal trainer to spend adequate time with each member of the group and provide the guidance needed to achieve individual goals. We have lots of group sessions and times to choose from.


Having trouble setting attainable, measurable, realistic goals? Does it all seem overwhelming? A YMCA Assessment gives you important baseline measurements to guide us in designing a program just for you. Measurements reveal the good news and the not so good news, so we can take the guesswork out of goal setting.

Basic Assessment

Whether you are an avid exercise aficionado or just getting started, obtaining baseline measurements can really help you set and achieve your goals. The Basic Assessment constructs a personal profile with your height, weight, lean body mass, hydration levels, BMI or Body Mass Index, and basal metabolic rate (the number of calories you should consume daily). These measurements start you on a smart exercise regimen. The Basic Assessment takes about 30 minutes.

Functional Assessment

Assessing your body’s functional movements is the perfect way to know what type of exercises you should be focusing on. The Functional Assessment consists of six functional movements that assess balance, coordination, and body segmentation. This information is powerful when designing a custom exercise program. The Functional Assessment takes about 30 minutes to complete and review your results.

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