Y Member Spotlight: Samuel Alicea

Sam has been a Y member for 8 years. He was born in Chicago and raised in Puerto Rico. Sam was an elementary school teacher when he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis 8 years ago, which had him walking with a cane and shopping in a wheelchair. A former trainer here at the Y had him work on his core and today he is walking on his own!

The reason Sam keeps coming back to the YMCA is for his children, as he wants them to continue to live a healthy, happy life. He also wants to continue to walk without a cane himself. Sam comes to the Y every day with a smile on his face and he participates in every class no matter the challenge. Sam is a motivator to us all, showing us that it is possible to get through even the hardest obstacles that life throws at us. Sam is now preparing for his upcoming wedding, and he’s ready to continue the best life he could ever ask for.

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