Being overwhelmed with my size, pain in my knees, out of breath, as I climbed up and down stairs back pain as well as my clothes not fitting. Goal: to change some eating habits and to exercise more. I gradually worked up enough stamina, energy, and determination to put action behind my thoughts.

I started attending the Mesa branch of the YMCA on Mesa Dr. near University. Rising every morning at 5 am. Little by little increasing my time on the treadmill for stamina.

I decided I wanted to train with a trainer so that I would be accountable as well as learn the proper way to exercise to get the most benefit from my goals. Eventually, l met a person who was: – Just- unique, Outstanding, Superbly skillful in this field, and Highly –favored in my sight and among members I have met…. My personal trainer for a few months was awesome, always inspiring, motivating …. And pushing me to my greatest potential. Each session left me wanting more. Thank you, Josh.

Once on my own, I have been able to keep up my momentum, working out daily, becoming stronger and thinner with each workout. I continue to rise each day to say good morning to the friendly and caring desk staff and to work out alongside some very motivating and friendly members. 5 months later I was down a healthy 35 lbs. and motivated to work out daily at the YMCA.