Strong Kids Testimonials

Open Doors Applications:
Timothy, family of 3
“We are on one income. My wife is a stay at home mom who deserves to have a place to go and workout. My daughter being able to go into child watch will help in her development. As a family, we want to live a better, healthier life.”

Reamy, single mother of 3
“I am a single mom with three active children. Financially, I do what I can. I would like to keep them active in healthy recreational activities.”

Y Stories:
‘I weighed 234 lbs, type 2 diabetic, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome which left me infertile, and depressed. I came to the YMCA hoping for help. I took the boot camp, lost 74 pounds, no medications and not depressed any longer. The Ross Farnsworth YMCA changed my life.”