Her kids are registered in our afterschool program, they absolutely love it and they look forward to coming every day. Georgina always has an upbeat spirit and always comes in with a smile on her face no matter how hard things have been or what she is going through. The start of this year has been hard on Georgina and her family, as she is dealing with a medical issue that affects not only her but her entire family. She has opened up to us here at the Y, as she says she sees us a family, also a support system. We will continue to help her on this journey that she is facing, be there for her and her children.

Make sure they know that we are family here at the Y.

Georgina is a good person inside and out, getting to know her over this past year has been a blessing to us all. It’s amazing the people you meet, who suddenly become “family” here at the Y. It’s great to know, that no matter what we all can come together and help families like Georgina’s in a hard time like these. Knowing her kids have a safe place to go after school and learn and grow and develop with other kids gives Georgina a piece of mind while she is going through this time. Being a part of the Y means something, means that no matter what you make connections, friends and you are never alone when facing hard times. Georgina is an inspiration and shows that no matter what you still have to have a good outlook on life and be upbeat and ready to tackle anything that comes your way.