The reason I have stayed at the Y is that it has become like a family unit.

When I first started to come here, I would work out. Then my daughters started to come and work out with me. From there, my daughters asked to volunteer for high school credit. A few months later, my daughter Joanna was hired to work in Amazing Kids at the Y. As my other daughters continued to volunteer, one of the instructors approached them to ask if they would like to volunteer with XFit Kids.

After completing one of my classes, I noticed my daughters were sitting in the lobby and having a conversation with one of the instructors and asking questions regarding healthy eating habits and working out as it relates to sports. I just stood there and listened and was so proud to see all my daughters excited to ask questions and listen as the instructor responded to their questions.

My daughters are very competitive and involved in multiple sports. As a mother, I am very proud of all my daughters and so happy to see them excited to participate in a positive environment. They truly enjoy being part of the Mesa Y.