Lachelle shows great dedication, trust, and influence every day when she shows up.  Lachelle and her family, have been members here at the Y for 8 years. She demonstrates these qualities by always choosing to come to the gym, even considering she is 8 months pregnant.  She still lets nothing get in the way of being active.  We can always count on her coming in and putting a smile on all our faces.

She is a great mother to her children and it’s always a great pleasure having Sage and Grayson in AKC. She is always the first person to be a friend and wanting to help others. She has made an impact in many of our staff’s lives here at the Y.  We appreciate and recognize her for being the awesome person that she is.  Her family is the kindest family you will ever meet, they genuinely care about others and are willing to help whenever it’s needed.  Lachelle deserves this spotlight for not only coming to the Y, supporting the Y but for being the amazing person that she is.   We here at RFEV are very lucky to have her as a member, that cares so much!