According to the U.S. National Association for Sport and Physical Education, children should accumulate at least 60 minutes, and up to several hours, of age appropriate physical activity on all, or most days of the week. Getting your child to enjoy exercise and movement doesn’t have to be a fancy or a complicated proposition. However, there are safety considerations one should take into account when planning family activities:

  • proper UV protection
  • proper hydration
  • wheels = helmets
  • activities for the entire family

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Here are some ideas from the exercise experts at YMCA to get your kids and maybe even yourself moving:

  • Find fitness activities that accommodate the family’s needs and goals. Pay attention to your child’s talents and interests. Based on their likes, determine the amenities at the Y that will keep you both coming back for more. Do you both enjoy swimming? Playing basketball? Attending group exercise classes? Set a FREE SMART START appointment to get the right YMCA prescription for your family.
  • Set goals together. Whether it’s completing more push-ups, running a 5K, decreasing your sugar intake or working out four times a week, creating goals will hold the family accountable. Being able to see your progression will also keep you and your son or daughter motivated. The key is having small successes each day on the way to the final goal.
  • Track your progress. Chart your weekly exercise minutes and moves and treat yourself with a reward if goals are met. For an extra added boost of accountability, trying using the Apps or other technology to track your workout results.
  • Keep it FUN! Neither kids nor adults stop doing something because it is “too much FUN”. Get involved in activities that are fun. Does your teen enjoy group activities? Or more competitive activities? Maybe activities involving music or their friends will engage your kids to participate.