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All Aboard The Y Bus


Scottsdale/Paradise Valley Family YMCA is providing transportation to the Desert Foothills Family YMCA for Water Fitness classes during Seasonal Pool schedule.… Read More

Get certified to become a YMCA Lifeguard


This course is designed to provide the participants with the knowledge and skills to be a lifeguard and professional rescuer. Participants will be certified in CPR, Basic First Aid and Emergency Oxygen. The course presents information on the skills and knowledge lifeguards need in pool, lake, river, surf and waterpark environments.… Read More

Member Spotlight: Darlene Leonard

Darlene Leonard August Newsletter For Web

Sometimes the most challenging journeys begin with the first step. Or the first stroke, as in Darlene Leonard’s case. While she can now freestyle and kick it up like the best of them, she wasn’t always as comfortable in the pool. … Read More

My Y Story: Bob Koch


The Scottsdale/Paradise Valley YMCA has not only allowed Bob Koch to pursue his love of raquetball, but it also has helped bring his family closer together. … Read More

Employee Spotlight: Fred Diquattro


For YMCA Group Fitness Instructor Fred Diquattro, health and wellness has been a lifelong pursuit and passion. His Y journey began in 1972 when he signed up his family for a membership at a branch in Barrington, Rhode Island. … Read More


Teens Certification Training | Lifeguard Training | Scottsdale Paradise Valley YMCA | Valley of the Sun YMCA

This camp introduces teens to lifeguarding and water safety while building leadership, responsibility, and water safety skills. Level I is for those new to this program. Level II is for participants who have already taken Level I. All certified Jr. Lifeguards will volunteer minimum of 20 hours after camp to receive certificate of completion. … Read More

Employee Spotlight: Tyler Sand

Tyler S

Tyler Sand has worked for the Scottsdale Y for the last 3 years. He now serves as the referee and scorekeeper for the team sports programs, and he is very dependable and knowledgeable. Tyler played with the Jr Suns since he was 11 or 12 years old, and his love of basketball and recreational sports began at an early age. … Read More

My Y Story: Diana Pechman


Diana decided to take action, and started eating healthier and added more workouts at the Y. She used the treadmill, attended muscle conditioning classes, and practiced yoga. … Read More

My Y, Member Spotlight: Susan Collins

My Y Story Template

In 2005 we joined the SP/V Y. We have been with this Y for over a decade! I did not go to the Y as a kid but my husband did. It was his experiences with the Y in his youth that brought us back to the Y. My husband first served on the board and enjoyed the experience. He suggested that I would enjoy it and he was right! … Read More