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Y Member Spotlight: Sydney Roybal

Sydney Roybal joined our staff on Monday, May 13 as a program director and we are extremely excited to have her join our community. … Read More

Y Member Spotlight: Jeffrey, Elijah, and Michael

Scottsdale Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Jeffrey, Elijah, Michael are always in the basketball gym. The 3 friends have been at the YMCA for over 28 years combined.… Read More

Y Member Spotlight: Morgan Price

Scottsdale Member Spotlight

Morgan is regular in our afterschool program and all of our camps. Her favorite things about the YMCA is hanging out with friends and being treated well by the staff. … Read More

Y Member Spotlight: Danielle Gilmore

Scottsdale Member Spotlight

Please join us in welcoming our new Program Director, Miss Danielle. Danielle will oversee our child care programs and assist in aquatics.… Read More

Y Member Spotlight: Ashley Stettler

Ashley Member Spotlight

Her YMCA experience began in the gymnastics program and has grown since then. As a kid, Stettler loved the atmosphere and the community of the YMCA.… Read More