Mary Morgolis came to the Y from a strong dance and entertainment background, performing in chorus lines, Jimmie Durante Floor Show in the Empire Room of the Palmer House, Rodney Dangerfield’s, the Palace Hotel in Suriname, South America, society band, The Frank Amorosi Orchestra and was closely associated with the Dean Martin Golddiggers, Just to name a few. Although Mary took her last bow on stage to raise her two kids in Northbrook, Illinois; a suburb just north of Chicago, she did not step out of the lime light. Mary Margolis received her AFAA certificate which qualified her to lead group dance, aerobic exercise and strength and conditioning. When it came time for college, both children decided upon ASU, so Mary and her husband retired, packed up and moved to Sunny Scottsdale.

Being new to the valley, Mary knew she wanted to get involved in something. She had loved working and teaching at the Y in Chicago and through her great networking, she found her second home at the Scottsdale Y.

“The second you walk through the front doors you feel welcomed; each instructor is highly qualified and loves what they do, and you can trust them with your health; and you are in an atmosphere of support, high principles and family values. A great place to be.”Mary said.

Although Mary has a deep personal passion for the YMCA organization, her true Y spirit comes from the wonderful people who show up week after week for her class.

“THEY are passionate about everything, especially holidays…The people, the music, the festive feeling that’s always there is a winning combination and truly evokes my passion.”

Mary teaches Zumba Gold on Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30-3:15pm