“In 2005 we joined the SP/V Y.  We have been with this Y for over a decade! I did not go to the Y as a kid but my husband did.  It was his experiences with the Y in his youth that brought us back to the Y. My husband first served on the board and enjoyed the experience.  He suggested that I would enjoy it and he was right!  I enjoy the opportunity to help the YMCA and to find ways to make the YMCA experience a great one.  There are many ways to help the Y community: volunteering, serving on a Committee or serving on the Board. I am proud of the Y’s support of its community.  Whether that is through the programs it offers, the funds it raises to assist those in need or the many ways it seeks to connect us to one another and to our health.  I also think our YMCA has the best staff! I like that the Y has something for everyone in our family.  I take group fitness classes, my husband swims, my kids play basketball and swim and when my mother was alive she hung out with the Silver Sneakers members.  I always say that the Y has something for every moment of our family’s life cycle. There is not a single moment that stands out to me at the Y but a collection of moments and mostly having to do with the incredible Y staff and instructors and our members.  For us, the Y is a bit of a home-away-from-home.  We feel comfortable here and have made great friendships.”- Susan Collins