Sydney Roybal joined our staff on Monday, May 13 as a program director and we are extremely excited to have her join our community. Sydney was both in Vancouver, WA but moved to Chandler, AZ before her first birthday. Most recently, she graduated from NAU with a degree in public health. Her interest in the YMCA as a career was piqued this past winter when she participated in the Valley of the Sun YMCA Youth Leadership Academy.

“I didn’t know much about public health when I started majoring in it,” Roybal said. “As I learned more about it I ended up loving how it focused on the communities with low income and not just those who can afford care.”

Sydney is looking forward to making a positive impact on the kids live she will work with here at the YMCA, along with getting the program to grow. And if you happen to see Sydney in the branch, make sure to mention that you know her favorite food is spaghetti and her favorite color is lavender.