“I am a single mother with two boys, and my only income is just $710 a month. At the end of the month, I have hardly any money left after rent, electric, phone and every day necessities are paid for. My chronic illness has impacted my ability work, yet I have a desire to maintain my health as best as I can. Additionally, I recently learned that my son has a learning disability, and requires more hands on attention to keep up with his grades. I found myself searching for a place that could provide the opportunity for me to focus on my health and provide a positive and uplifting environment for my children. I joined the YMCA under the Open Doors scholarship. They worked with me on my unique situation and provided my family and me the opportunity to achieve what we needed: a supportive community that meets our unique needs. I am so thankful for the YMCA, the staff, the teachers, and the instructors for what they do for us.”