Teach Your Kids To Swim at the Y

The Valley of the Sun YMCA is beyond excited to have Dave Munsey, former Channel 10 weather anchor, as the official spokesman for “Teach Kids to Swim.” The YMCA has been an advocate for teaching swimming lessons since the beginning in 1909, and we want every child in our communities to be able to learn how to swim. With Dave Munsey by our side to endorse “Teach Kids to Swim,” we are confident that we can get the word out to every Arizona family of the importance of swimming lessons for every child.

We offer swim lessons at every stage and every age. Infants and Toddlers will learn the basics of breath control, water safety, floating, rolling over, and even entering and exiting the water. From there, every age will progress in their skills while also learning the importance of water safety. With Dave Munsey’s famous last words before signing off each night from the news station, “Watch your kids around water,” it is time to apply this to your family and friends to keep everyone safe not only during summer months but year-round.

We, at the Valley of the Sun YMCA, are thrilled to have Dave Munsey on board with us as we aim to impact more than 35,000 lives this year by providing the necessary water safety skills and lessons for every Arizonan. Join us in our initiative to bring water awareness and to help save a life.

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