Students Volunteer

The Work Bridge offers the opportunity for a student to explore occupational interests and to develop work behaviors in a community setting. The areas may include but are not limited to:
• Job Shadowing – To observe jobs of interest.
• Job Training – To work and volunteer individually or in small groups at a site learning specific job skills. To explore and train at a work site for the purpose of refining interests and skill identification.
• Job Search – To learn pre-employment skills such as how to fill out job applications, create resumes, and interview; all which are necessary to begin the employment search process.
• Work Force – To enter the job market in preparation for competitive employment. Students work cooperatively with vocational specialists to find employment. A support component is provided to develop basic skills, job related social behaviors, Job obtainment, work ethics, and community involvement.

“Our partnership with the Y enables our student’s to receive valuable employment skills that will help them become good quality employees in the workforce once they are ready for that next step. I am very grateful for our partnership and for your willingness to embrace the Work Bridge program.”

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