Say Hello to Marni Anbar! Marni is a relatively new member of the Y, just shy of a year. Marni is very special to the Y, as she will be The Tempe Family YMCA, Advisory Board’s Board Chair for the next two years!… Read More

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While the internship was by far one of the toughest experiences I faced, I saw it to the end, graduated both ASU and YLA, and can proudly say I am the Sports Director of the Chandler YMCA, ready to impact my community and give the youth the same opportunities the YMCA gave to me almost 20 years ago. … Read More


Member Spotlight: She feels that going to classes has helped her balance and core strength. She also believes it has helped her health and lifestyle. … Read More


Helen Griffin is our highlight member of the month. Helen was one of the first members to ever step foot into the Tempe Family YMCA in 1987 when it was built. As a child, before the Tempe YMCA was built, at age 7 not too far from her home the “Village Y Rec Center” was built. … Read More

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