Interview with Bob Doyle, Board Member

  1. What is your Favorite thing about being a board member? –Giving Back to the Y, The Y has been good to me and my family over the years. I did some coaching for the Y when my son was young at Corbell Park, Soccer, Basketball, Touch Football.
  2. When did you join the YMCA?- In 1993, when there was just one building here. How it has grown over the years.
  3. Where are you originally from?- Utica, which is upstate N.Y. and moved to Massachusetts.
  4. What do you think is the most important role the YMCA plays in the community? –Families can participate in activities together. Sports for kids is also an important aspect of the Y, I feel that the Y sports gives youth the opportunity to both reveal and promote character and character development.
  5. How do you feel the board at Tempe Y positively impacts the Y and its employees and members?- It helps with the campaigns and development in the budget for the Y each year. It will help with under privileged families as well.
  6. Were you ever a volunteer or on the board at any other non profit’s?- No, I was a board member at the real estate association that I was involved with for years, which makes me uniquely qualified for this board position.
  7. Do you feel that as a member of our senior community it is important for the Y to support senior programing and outreach?- I do and I also feel that we have some of the best senior programs in the valley. And the best instruction anywhere.
  8. How about our young adult and teen programs?- I think it’s great the way that the Y empowers young adults and teens through such programs as Young leaders club and the Teen club.
  9. Would you say as a long time board member, the Tempe Y has changed along the way and the way it serves the community? –I would say the different trends in exercise and how they are presented to the members. Example, Group fight, Core and Group power.
  1. What do you think is the most important function of the board as it relates to the YMCA? –Contributions from the corporate sector that promotes the longevity of the Y and its programs.